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Advanced Note Editing

Here are some tips to help you decide where to place notes:

Understanding Octaves

There is one tricky part about creating notes. Try to sing the note at the top of the sing area, then sing a little higher. You'll find that suddenly you are singing the lowest note in the sing area. That happens because the notes wrap around. These recorded notes show the behavior:

Note octaves

Here the singer started out near the top of the scale, then sung a little higher, then returned to the original note. Sometimes a song will have many notes that are split between the top and bottom of the scale. To fix this, use the slider on the left of the sing area to shift the view up or down. Here are the same recorded notes with the view shifted so they don't wrap:

Note octaves shifted

Always use the slider to minimize how many notes in a song are split between the top and bottom of the scale. Note that the slider does not change what notes need to be sung, it only changes how the notes are displayed.

Connecting Notes

Understanding that the notes wrap around can help a lot when deciding how to visually connect notes. Can you spot what is wrong here?

Note octaves problem

This looks just fine, but when you listen to the song you can hear that the words "I'm not that" are sung much higher than the word "strong". The note lines above would have a singer believe they should sing higher when really they should go lower. There are two ways to improve this.

We could disconnect the end of the word "that" from "strong". This is better, but still looks like "strong" is sung higher. If we also use the slider to rotate the view of the notes, then the note from "strong" will wrap around and look correct:

Note octaves, improved

However, not every problem can be solved with the slider because it can cause problems elsewhere in the song. Another way to solve this is to realize that the top note is the same as the bottom note. Because the green line is so high, we can put the note for "strong" at the bottom without using the slider at all:

Note octaves, best

Selecting Notes

The Select button can be used to select a portion of the song. Then the notes and/or lyrics markers selected can be moved up, down, left, or right by dragging the selection. This is useful for changing the key for an entire song, deleting a section of notes or lyrics, etc.

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